What is a CWO?

CWO stands for CPA Wealth Officer.  CWOs for Hire exists to help lead you and guide you to a better life by having more control over your finances.

Company Leadership

President & Co-Founder

Dave Zaegel, CPA, CFP

Born and raised in Saint Louis, Dave graduated from Saint Louis University with a Masters in Accounting.  He spent the first 15 years of his career in various advanced accounting functions.  

Some of his more significant accomplishments include:

  • Investing over $70 million of corporate assets
  • Managing stock compensation programs and other employee benefits
  • Working with executive teams to raise over $70 million in funding
  • Overseeing all accounting functions (reporting, tax, payroll, budgeting, etc.)

Dave has since decided to follow his passion of helping people with their financial planning.  His business background and knowledge of employee benefits, stock compensation, insurance, investments and taxes makes him perfect fit for working with corporate senior managers and closely held business owners.

Outside of working, Dave spends time with his wife and three children.  Dave enjoys sports (especially baseball), exercising and playing music.  Dave also enjoys volunteering in his community through various board positions in his neighborhood and the Town and Country / Frontenac Chamber of Commerce, and through activities at St. Joseph - Manchester, MO parish.

Owner & Co-Founder

Dennis Fry, CPA

With nearly 20 years of professional experience, Dennis has a diverse background that includes public accounting with local firm and Big 4, senior leadership in corporate accounting and finance, and owning / operating a small business.

is achievements, to name a few...

  • $900,000 reduction in receivables aged over 90 days after designing and implementing a new bad debt reserve policy
  • $100,000 reduction in expenses after identifying savings opportunities, changing preferred vendors, communicating changes, and monitoring excessive spending
  • anaged over $250,000,000 in cash and investments with a daily review of position and availability

Outside of working, Dennis spends time with his wife and three two children, and playing soccer.  Dennis also enjoys volunteering in his community through various board positions in his neighborhood and the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce.