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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to provide you a better life by giving you greater control of your finances. Life happens and plans will always change.  We help you navigate through the ups and downs of life.

Rarely does a successful company operate without a plan.  Yet, so many small businesses owners try to function without one.  We provide you with the tools, knowledge and expertise you need to plan properly.

All services below are included in our affordable monthly cost.

Connect the "WHY"

Why do you do what you do?  We can give you all the brilliant financial advice in the world, but it won't have nearly as much impact if we don't connect it back to your "why"?

BE Efficient

Because you are busy, we develop your plan in smaller increments to be more efficient with your time, and focus on shorter, more frequent ongoing contacts thereafter.  We use to connect with you virtually so you don't have to drive to our office all the time, and eMoney to aggregate all of your financial information in one place and provide us with a single tool to collaborate.


Helping with your cash flow and habits is likely the most important aspect of financial planning.  Without this, your overall financial plan will suffer.


We have a passion for investment management, and prefer to utilize individual stocks, bonds and options where we can.  We then complete portfolios with low-cost ETFs and index funds for proper allocation and diversification.

Tax Planning & Tax Return Preparation

Our backgrounds in accounting are perfect for helping you manage your taxes.  Tax planning does not happen once per year.  It requires an ongoing process and discussion for best results.  We then prepare your tax return through one of our outside partners if you don't already utilize a CPA.

Workplace benefits

Workplace benefits are a crucial piece of any financial plan.  The benefits you set-up within your company can be substantial and should be properly utilized.  We help optimize the benefits you provide to your employees, and to yourself.

Insurance PLANNING

Without proper insurance projection, all your financial plans could be quickly ruined.  We look at all aspects of insurance planning, including life, health, disability and property insurance, to make sure you are not overly vulnerable to large risks.

Debt Management

What to do with that debt?  Debt can be a big stress if you don't have a plan for it.  We'll help put your debt in the context of your overall plan and provide a strategy to properly manage it..