Merger Announcement


We are excited to announce that Michael R. Favazza, Sr., CPA has joined the CWOs for Hire team as a new owner.  Effective January 1, Favazza & Associates, LLC has merged with CPAs for Hire and CFOs for Hire.  The new firm will be named Favazza, Fry & Zaegel, CPAs for Hire, LLC.  

This accounting firm will remaining a separate legal entity from CWOs for Hire LLC for regulatory purposes.  However, both firms will be owned by Michael Favazza, CPA, Dennis Fry, CPA, and Dave Zaegel, CPA, CFP.

Dave Zaegel, co-founder of CWOs for Hire LLC, says:

"We are thrilled to join forces with an outstanding accounting firm.  Our clients will benefit tremendously by having their accounting and financial planning all managed by one team of experts."